electromagnetic engineering

RF, EMC, ESD shield

S2, S8, UL, CSA, FCC, EFT, ESD, EMC, Laser, FDA services

compliance engineering support

safety, RF, EMC consulting

RF test lab, FCC test lab



          CE / FCC Test and Design Lab

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               RF / EMC / EMI / ESD / EFT evaluation,

              verification, certification, and design:

              260 countries/communities.


          The Advantage

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               Ship product anywhere in the world

              on schedule.


           PULVER Safety

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              Safety engineering; agent; and

              third party test facility.


           Compliance Engineering

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              We interact with every agency

              in the world;

              compliance engineering designs

              for our clients.



           Patented PULVER Shield

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               RF Disc and PULVER Shield

              technologies to cancel unwanted

              electromagnetic radiation emitted

              by your product, or protect

              your product from this radiation

              (ESD and EMC protection).


           PULVER Evaluation Reports

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                Located ON LINE for your agency

               inspectors and customers.


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