Major Advantage


CE, FCC, Electromagnetics Offices

in Los Gatos, California and Silicon Valley. 

Santa Clara, California, EMC/ESD Engineering Laboratory: ElectroMagnetic Compatibility, ElectroMagnetic Interference, ElectroStatic Discharge, Electrical Fast Transient; Product Safety.

Testing and evaluation for 260 communities including USA, Canada, Germany, France, European Community, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Taiwan, Mexico, and China.

Electromagnetic Engineering

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Discuss product marketing plans.


As part of your team, we develop testing and Certification strategies for your products based upon certification time and product compliance criteria.

Our clients ship internationally on time, with correct certifications:

no shipment delays.

PULVER Labs Certificate of Conformance and associated Evaluation Reports recognized by equipment customers and regulatory agencies internationally.


Before the first CE, RF, or FCC test, as part of your product evaluation team, we guide

  • system design

  • printed circuit board layout

  • system wiring

  • component locations

  • internal chassis configuration

  • integrated circuit ESD and RF protection using a patented technology seen only by our clients

  • Operator Manuals

  • Technical Reference Manuals

electromagnetic engineering

Ship Verified digital device products INTERNATIONALLY the same day PULVER Labs Certificate of Conformance issued.


















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