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    Pulver Laboratories' Radio Frequency (RF) Evaluation Reports show results from testing to criteria from organizations like CE, IC (Industry  Canada), FDA, VDE, CISPR, CCC, VCCI, CISPR, CFR, BSMI, SAA, and FCC.


    Pulver Laboratories' Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Evaluation Reports include:

    • ESD, EFT, RF susceptibility;

    • susceptibility to magnetics;

    • voltage harmonics; and

    • current harmonics test results.

    Pulver Laboratories' Safety Evaluation Reports include test results and information for electrical inspectors in every state and country according to promulgated standards such as the CE, NEC, FDA, Medical Directive, Low Voltage Directive, EN, IEC, AAMI, and ANSI.


    All reports electronic.

    (Printed reports by request)


    Reports with color photographs and graphs set the industry standard for excellence and presentation.


    Our clients use Pulver reports and certifications as sales tools.

    Reports show content of agency labels applied to the product, or exact label artwork.

    All artwork and production labels can be created and obtained from Pulver Laboratories.

    These include agency labels like those required by the European Community and electrical inspectors in every country.

    Reports give specific information which the operator's manual must contain. Or, merely e-mail the manual to technical information specialists at Pulver Labs, and they will update your manuals automatically. 

    These additions to the manuals include the newest mandates for the USA, Canada, and the European Community {or limited to just one country for a limited scope program}.

    Accompanying our full feature report is a PULVER Labs Certificate of Conformance for 56 Countries showing conformance to their pertinent product standards (such as RF, EMC, safety, ergonomics, sound, heat, chemicals, and seismic hazards). 

    Or, the report and Certificate can pertain to only one country, for smaller projects.

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