Step 1.0 Equipment determined to produce excessive Electromagnetic
                            Radiation or Interference (or needs susceptibility protection).

                                     Step 2.0 Patented PULVER Shield designed using CE / FCC test
                                        site to  measure and confirm results during development stage.

                                                  Step 3.0 Production prototype PULVER Shield produced
                                                      within minutes and inserted into equipment being evaluated.
                                                          Specific designs for specific products.  Various models
                                                               and types of
PULVER Shield available to absorb;
                                                                    reflect; block; cancel; redirect; channel; integrate;
                                                                         and mitigate Electromagnetic Radiation.

                                                                                Step 4.0  Equipment tested on CE / FCC
                                                                                        open field test site same
                                                                                             day to record Electromagnetic
                                                                                                  Radiation data for CE / FCC report.



                         The phrase "contains PULVER Shield" or "contains RF Disc" on the Product Certification
                          label means your company has elected to install this State-of-the-Art technology
                          dedicated to reducing Electromagnetic Radiation and Interference.  This shows

                          consumers your company has gone an extra step to protect operators.  The

                          Certificate of Conformance from PULVER Labs states:


"The installed PULVER Shield protects operators

of this equipment from Electromagnetic Radiation

beyond requirements of presently recognized product standards."

                          Ship this Certificate with every product and publish it in every  operator's
                          manual to inform the user of the extra effort provided to protect them.

                          electromagnetic engineering  

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