CE mark. 

Technical File. Development.


We test, design, and then get other Certifications or Verifications from agencies like CDRH, FDA, CSA, UL, BZT, ICAN, SAA, BSI, BSMI, VCCI, VDE, and CCC.


Pulver Laboratories





A one stop

pro-active lab.

We certify any size system connected to any electrical power.


Electromagnetic Engineering

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Certified by the

State of Oregon.


S2, S8, S10 for semiconductor manufacturing equipment .


Formally Recognized by additional States like Idaho and California.




We teach engineers about product regulations as they pertain to their equipment, so they can incorporate inexpensive philosophies during the design phase, rather than redesigning at the end of the project.


Call us into product review meetings.



For our clients, we obtain certification marks and verifications from all other agencies like the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), FDA, UL, VDE, CCC, or similar agencies.


PULVER Labs handles all agency interactions for your company.



As Third Party Test and Evaluation Facility

We evaluate equipment to published product  standards like the EN series for Europe and the CE mark,

the National Electrical Code for the USA, and CSA for Canada, to create technical files and submit to agencies.

We evaluate Product Safety challenges addressed by national and international product regulation agencies.

We help manufacturers determine risks, implications, and classifications.

issues a single Product Evaluation Report

    Two cities:        Los Gatos, California
                              San Jose, California
    Internet Information@PulverLabs.com


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