PULVER (TM) Shield           



Replace the need to apply metal to the inside of plastic enclosures.

Reduce product cost. 

Eliminates metalized plastic surface. 

Improves performance. 

CE / FCC products to market super fast. 

Same day

Electromagnetic Engineering.

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Eliminates CE / FDA / international product redesign.

Increase ElectroStatic Discharge protection 

by at least 20 dB. 

Products with installed Shields:

10 times less susceptible to surrounding EMI.  

Electromagnetic Radiation spikes slashed by 3 to 90 dB near-field with a single

10 kHz to 40 GHz Shield.  

During typical FDA test program, divide unwanted emission power by 10 from 30 MHz to 18 GHz. 

The PULVER (TM) Shield or RF Disc technology attaches or inserts easily into any electrical/mechanical device.

Electromagnetic Radiation has become a significant public health issue and marketing concern.  

Your company could offer this option as a distinct product discriminator.  

(your competition may already have a PULVER (TM) Shield option).

RF Disc Part specification sheet at www.RFIControls.com

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